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Earn money from adverts

Earn from people clicking on your website’s adverts.  Making money online is really that easy. There is just no need for anything more complex. PseudoTUBE let’s you build a website very quickly that attracts search engine traffic. You can then turn that traffic into money via Pay Per Click or Affiliate System adverts.

Imagine owning a PseudoTUBE video site with Pay Per Click adverts on every page and a selection of affiliate products in your store. All you need is a single click on an advert and you make money. What a beautifully simple way to earn income online?

Forget over complex online business ideas. Traffic and adverts are all you need.

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Get to the top of Google

Owning a PseudoTUBE video site could be an simple way for you to reach the top of Google. Many of our enterprise account holders who use their own domain with our system rise to the top of the search engines.

By simply using a domain name that matches a popular search term along with video content on the same subject is the magical mix to increase your chances of a top result.

Once you have a top position your can convert that free traffic into revenue via adverts or affiliate store products.

Type “rube tube” into Google and you will see on the first page.

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Build your own store

Selling products is an additional revenue stream which PseudoTUBE provides. However we understand that stocking products and handling shipping and returns is not easy for many people. We provide you a store which you can connect to companies such as Amazon. This allows you to promote products on other sites and sell them without any hassle.

An affiliate store means you can run many PseudoTUBE sites without an increase in work load.


Russ, the owner of earns a full time salary from his network of PseudoTUBE video sites.

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